Information Technology Careers in Orange County, California

Information Technology Careers in Orange County, California

Orange County is home to a number of technology companies -- both startups and established businesses -- that help drive technological innovation forward. These include PC manufacturer Gateway Inc., router manufacturer Linksys, and video game giant Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

IT jobs range from hardware engineers who design computer chips to computer support and computer repair positions. Software engineers do much of the heavy lifting in IT, and are responsible for developing a wide range of tools and applications for individuals and businesses.

Education & Training

Selecting a school that modifies its programs to stay up-to-date is vital – no matter how great the degree, if it's based on old technology, it's worthless in a competitive job market.

Computer programs are offered by traditional four-year colleges as well as community colleges and career training schools. When deciding what kind of school to attend, you have to consider your career goals and what kind of training will best help meet these goals. Will an associate degree give you the right skill set, or is a bachelor's degree required?

You should also consider the technology specializations of each school. What specific major is most appealing, and which schools have the best programs for such a specialization?

After you answer those questions for yourself, you'll need answers from the schools.

Top Technology Schools in Orange County, California

UEI College
A career-oriented program in computer systems is offered at UEI's vareity of southern California campuses in Anaheim, Huntington Park and Ontario.

Art Institute of California - Orange County
Technology can be an art and a science. The Art Institute offers technology-oriented degrees in web design and interactive media, game art and design, and visual and game programming.

DeVry University - Irvine
DeVry offers bachelor degrees in computer information systems and network and communications mangement, and associate degrees in network systems administration.

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Continuing Education

As a technology professional, you'll need to keep studying new technologies and new developments long after your initial computer education is over, and to be adaptable enough that fluctuations in your job requirements and the industry as a whole won't faze you.

Certifications and other short-term diploma programs are quick and easy ways technology professionals can keep up with new developments in this rapidly changing field.

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